︎ Passionate about creating
︎ impactful experiences.

Form & Function
Furniture Design School

Master of Architecture Studio

Fall 2022

The Form & Function Furniture Design School is in Eugene, Oregon, off Lawerence St. and 3rd. Ave. An industrial part of the city, the buildings take cues from their surroundings through heavy timber construction with local Doug fir. Circulation is a focus point within the design. The structures allow the front-facing program, such as the gallery and cafe on 3rd avenue, to be appealing and easily accessed—circulation barriers aid in separating public and private spaces as the program caters more towards the students and faculty. Additionally, the beam and truss designs mimic the changes in circulation and degree of the public to private space.


 ︎Alyssa is a visual designer and student
currently pursuing a Master's degree in architecture
at the University of Oregon.