︎ Passionate about creating
︎ impactful experiences.

House of Music & Dance

Master of Architecture Studio
Winter 2022

House of Music & Design is a performing arts center on the corner of 8th and Couch Street in downtown Portland. The site is 100 square feet with a program that comprises a three-story recital hall, a two-story ensemble room, a reception hall, and several classrooms and practice spaces. A parti was developed from a diagram of a conductor's four-count beat pattern during the design process. Over several iterations, the beats within the diagram translated into "punctuations" within the atrium, the core of the building. These moments are casual impromptu studios punched into the atrium at key locations, creating a living performance hall outside the designated theaters.



 ︎Alyssa is a visual designer and student
currently pursuing a Master's degree in architecture
at the University of Oregon.