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Physical Arts School

Trauma-Informed Design and Cultural Ecology

Master of Architecture Studio
Fall 2022

Parrott Creek Child and Family Services is an at-risk transitional housing and campus for boys between the ages of twelve to eighteen. They are on 80 wooded acres in Clackamas county with wetlands, creek, meadow and forest.

This project aims to renovate and build a new educational facility, one that expands its capacity to care for 40 youth and provides an opportunity to broaden services to meet the community's needs.

The school's design emphasises the healing benefits of movement and a gradient of exercise, from meditation to more physically demanding martial arts. These activities are designed within the architecture and do not require extensive equipment. The circulation influenced every design decision, from the top lighting to the roof heights, and social gradients.

 ︎Alyssa is a visual designer and student
currently pursuing a Master's degree in architecture
at the University of Oregon.